Are Oko Energe products really environmentally-friendly and safe to use?

Our products have been tested by various multinational bodies and have proven to meet the safety standards set by these bodies. Additionally, our products have been certified as fully biodegradable and as such, they leave a minimal environmental footprint when you use our products.

Why switch from petrochemical-based products?
Research suggests that commercial products we use today contribute to the deterioration and pollution of our environment, directly affecting the sustainability of earth’s ecology. Heavy usage of such products affect the air, water and soil around us, disrupting the natural equilibrium that some species of animals require to live.
Additionally, research also suggests that many products with synthetic chemicals in them cause long-term harm to the human body.
Why are Oko Energe products priced above conventional products?

We take great pride in the fact that we do not compromise on quality of the ingredients we use in our formulations, nor do we take shortcuts in our production process.

Additionally, you are not required to apply large amounts of our products to efficiently clean your household making them more cost efficient from a usage standpoint.

What to do in the event adults or children accidentally ingest Oko Energe products?
Our products are non-toxic and harmless when ingested so you'll be fine, although they don’t taste very good!
What to do in the event of foam entering the eyes or ears during usage of Oko Energe products?

Our products are non-toxic and not harmful to your eyes and ears. Simply rinse your eyes with clean water and wipe your ears dry.

Can/Should you mix various Oko Energe products?

From a safety perspective, you’ll be completely fine but keep in mind that each product has its own special formulation for different uses.

Can individuals with skin conditions and sensitive skin come in contact with Oko Energe products?
As our products are made only from natural ingredients and do not contain any synthetic chemicals, they will be gentle on your skin regardless of any skin conditions you might have.
Why does my skin itch and feel dry after using Oko Energe products?

You may experience this initially as our products cleanse and eliminate the toxins from your body. After this initial period, you’ll find yourself with healthy and supple skin.

Why does white powder remain on the bottles/pump nozzles of this product?
As we do not add any stabilizer, emulsifiers or viscous ingredients to our products, natural mineral crystals are left behind as a result of the evaporation process. Additionally, you may remove the residue by applying water to the nozzle.
Do Oko Energe products contain any fungicide or preservatives?
Stringent tests show that bacteria that are harmful to humans cannot survive in our products. As such, no, we do not add any bacteriacide or preservatives to our products.
Do Oko Energe products contain essential oils?
All Oko Energe products contain natural essential oils, though the essential oils added to each product differ based on the product’s intended use. The light fragrance emitted by the product comes from these essential oils.
Are Oko Energe products safe for pregnant women?
All Oko Energe products are safe for pregnant women to use as our products are made only from natural ingredients and do not contain any synthetic chemicals.