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MYR 110.00

Our specially formulated Foot Bath helps flush toxins and heavy metals from your skin’s cells. Ideal as a foot spa solution for your sore aching feet after a hard day’s work.

MYR 13.00

Our specially formulated Food Wash effectively removes harmful substances from your fresh produce, preventing food-borne illnesses and keeping you produce fresher for longer.

MYR 145.00

Our specially formulated Multipurpose Cleansing Element is excellent at cleaning and disinfecting just about any area of your home.


MYR 152.00

Our specially formulated Clothes Cleansing Element delivers exceptional cleansing power to clean and sanitize clothes without any of the harmful substances present in conventional detergents.

MYR 18.00

Our specially formulated shampoo helps restore your scalp's microbiome back to its natural state, effectively reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth.


MYR 18.00

Our specially formulated Shower Gel helps to rebalance your body pH as it cleanses the dirt and grime off you, leaving your body refreshingly clean and healthy all day.


MYR 18.00

Our specially formulated Healthy Body Cleansing Liquid sanitises, refreshes and revitalizes your body. Fights bacteria that causes body odour, keeping your underarms fresh all day long.

MYR 19.00

Our specially formulated Feminine Cleansing Gel & Spray with its unique blend of bioactive mineral elements and therapeutic essential oils cleanses the external area of the vagina, keeping you clean, fresh and comfortable all day long.

MYR 28.00

Our specially formulated Face Wash effectively cleanses and tones in one simple, easy step leaving you with smooth and clear skin.

MYR 33.00

Our specially formulated Glass Cleansing Liquid harnesses the unique cleansing power of mineral salts, citrus extract and cedarwood essential oil to let you effortlessly clean your glass, chrome and metal surfaces.

MYR 35.00

Our specially formulated Tooth Gel packed with powerful cleansing and antimicrobial properties keeps your teeth and gums clean and healthy, brightening your teeth naturally with daily use.

MYR 38.00

Our specially formulated Environmental Cleansing Liquid is a super versatile and convenient spray cleaner that is ideal for many different cleaning applications and provides added sanitising and deodorising effect : at home, at work or on the go.

MYR 48.00

Our specially formulated Baby Bath Gel is a soothing cleanser for washing your baby from head to toe.

MYR 48.00

Our specially formulated Baby Article Cleansing Gel’s antimicrobial properties ensures that all your baby articles are clean, hygienic and safe.

MYR 48.00

Our specially formulated Hand Wash’s effective antimicrobial and antiseptic properties ensures that your hands are always clean, healthy and soft.